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> There are several causes why people do not upload their photos to Commons.
> -
>  Wikimedia Commons is less known like the other Wikimedia sisters. We had to
> increase the awareness of these projects including the Foundation
> itself. But all people speak only about Wikipedia, and nobody starts an
> ad campaign for the sisters to overcome this. Not only the scope of Commons 
> is broader, that of the movement is broader, too. Maybe the Foundation can 
> improve its support for the sisters to attract new users for the movement.
> see: 
> https://wikimediafoundation.org/news/2019/02/07/how-does-the-world-see-wikimedia-brands/
> -
>  Many photographers (and Wikipedians) will be become famous. There is the 
> question why to
> publish at Wikimedia Commons instead of Instagram, Flickr, or Pinterest?
> -
>  There is almost no support for the sister projects by Wikipedians. Some 
> Wikipedians are
> living in their own world, and sometimes they argue against their
> sisters.
> - For many users it is difficult to use Commons or other Wikimedia projects. 
> They have to fight against an ancient and not user-friendly user interface 
> (for instance manual edits of things stored in EXIF data or in the user 
> account, adding categories without any automatic support, etc.).
> I am not really sure if an investigation should be done because most problems 
> are known already now.
> I think we should keep the opportunity of commercial use, because all 
> Wikimedia products should be used freely. For instance, what shall an officer 
> at a travel agency do if she/he cannot use Wikimedia products freely because 
> of commercial-usage restrictions?
> Roland
> >>> Benjamin Ikuta <benjaminik...@gmail.com> 05/17/20 5:07 AM >>>
> Anecdotally, it seems people sometimes don't upload their photos to Commons 
> because they don't realize that the scope of Commons is much broader than 
> that of Wikipedia.
> Has there been, or should there be, any research into this, or why people 
> don't contribute more broadly?
> ~Benjamin

A "share" link on image pages would go a long way to fixing this. If
folks on instagram, flickr etc. got used to seeing nice images with
links back to Commons, we might expect 1% to 4% of those readers to
follow the link back to the source, so if a few go viral, that might
actually attract a few high quality photographers.

A "mirror" tool would also be a great addition. If a photographer
could easily share some of their photos by picking from their gallery
and pushing to their flickr/instagram and a Commons account at the
same time, all on a cc-by-sa license, they would come to see Commons
as part of increasing their own internet footprint.

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