The development of the Code of Conduct is part of the Strategy. The strategy and this part was endorsed by some 700 individuals representing more or less all parts of the Movement. And that group is the closest we have seen resembling a government body of the movement. But as in a democracy, even if the parliament is unanimous in a decision, it does not mean all citizens, or even groups of citizens, agree. But is the best way we know how to come to a decision.

And how to implent it is still open, and will most likely involve all parties being effected by it


Den 2020-07-31 kl. 16:28, skrev Todd Allen:
Uh, guys?

That was a firm "No" on any Universal Code of Conduct. There shouldn't be a
"drafting committee" for it, it was disapproved.


On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 11:49 AM Christel Steigenberger <> wrote:

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that the Universal Code of Conduct drafting
committee has been assembled. We had 26 volunteers apply, either by
publicly signing up on the Meta page, or by sending an email. Volunteers
from 18 different countries applied, speaking 11 different languages.

We had Wikimedian applicants with different levels of experience on-wiki,
from someone who started editing only last year to people who have been
editing for more than 18 years and/or have more than 300,000 edits.
Applicants held a variety of different roles within the movement, and also
informed us about interesting and relevant experiences in their real-life
careers. It was very hard to narrow down from this diverse and extremely
qualified pool of applicants.

For the final selection, two aspects guided the decision making - we want a
committee that at the one hand will represent important parts of the
movement. Prolific editors as well as Wikimedians whose strength is more in
organizing events, wikimedians from different demographics, contributors
from small and large wikis, and people holding different roles within the
movement. We also wanted a group of people who will collaborate with one
another effectively and create the best possible Universal Code of Conduct
for the Wikimedia movement. Experience has taught us that committees that
are too large find it difficult to work effectively, so we decided to cap
the number of seats to 6 volunteer seats and 3 staff seats.

More information on the Committee and its new members can be found on Meta
[1], and a timeline for their work is available on the main UCoC page
<> [2]. Please
note that more chances for engagement are coming up during the community
draft review period starting from August 24.

Best regards,



Christel Steigenberger (she/her)

Trust and Safety Specialist

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