Hi Peter,

I hear and understand your worries. I’d like to reassure you that we are
very aware of the fact that no single person and no selected group of
people can speak for the community as a whole. This is one of the big
challenges all such efforts have to tackle. Representation here is not
meant in the sense of legal or political representation. But by speaking
for themselves, we hope that volunteers and staff coming from different
language communities, holding different roles within the movement and
bringing different experiences of engagement with the movement into the
process will at least bring diverse valuable perspectives to the creation
of the draft for the Universal Code of Conduct.

Before they start drafting, they are already now working their way through
a reading kit which will make them familiar with the input from the
movement strategy process as well as prior community consultations our team
has done at regional Wikimedia conferences and Wikimania as well as through
facilitated conversations with 19 different language communities. The data
is published on Meta here
and here
This community feedback will inform the drafting process.

This draft will then be brought to the communities for review starting
August 24, as outlined in the timeline here:
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Universal_Code_of_Conduct#Timeline. We are
still looking for ways to make more people aware of this important part of
the process. Please spread the word of this upcoming community comment
period, to help us get wider participation!

I hope the above makes sense to you, looking forward to your engagement
with the draft end of August and in September,

Christel Steigenberger (she/her)

Trust and Safety Specialist

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