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There's a campaign(1) for nonprofits to disclose the salaries, or at least
salary ranges, on job ads.

An increasing body of evidence(2) shows that practices like not disclosing
expected pay, and requiring applicants to disclose their current salary, is
harmful to equity in the workplace.

Not disclosing salaries affects pay levels within the organisation -
because white men are usually relatively confident in negotiating their
salaries upwards, so tend to end up with a better deal.

It can also affect the diversity of candidates who apply. Candidates who
have stronger networks within the industry they're moving into (again, more
commonly white men with privileged social and educational backgrounds) also
have clear expectations because they are 'in the know' about industry
norms, while people who don't, find the lack of salary information a
barrier to application. (After all, why take the time and effort to apply
for a job when you have no idea how the likely pay compares to your current

I know practices vary within the movement - I believe the WMF never
mentions salaries on ads, and I don't know whether the range is disclosed
to applicants or not - some chapters I know do advertise a salary. However,
I'd urge all entities within the movement that hire staff to disclose the
expected salary ranges for posts they are advertising, as part of their
commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

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