I should be able to arrange for a group to use South Hall on the UC
Berkeley campus on a night or weekend, so long as it was a time I could
attend. I would also be able to generate guest passes for the WiFi. I
have an extremely busy schedule until at least mid August, however, so
it might be best to keep this in mind as a backup plan or for a later
event this Fall.

Brian W. Carver
Assistant Professor
University of California, Berkeley
School of Information
102 South Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-4600

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> Hello. I am interested in having some meetups (both working and social) 
> with other wikipedians in this area. I would like to see some meetings 
> in Berkeley if we can find (or create) a space. There are hacker spaces 
> in SF and Oakland, but I'm not aware of any in Berkeley that we can use. 
> I would like to talk to anyone else in Berkeley who might be interested 
> in finding or getting a space going where we can edit together.
> I'm currently working on updating articles relating to librarianship, 
> but looking at the articles of local interest (Berkeley, Phoebe Hearst, 
> Free speech movement), there is work we could do, and the resources are 
> here.
> kc

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