Maybe I should clarify that my idea for a Berkeley group is that it is a group that will (mostly) meet in Berkeley. That says nothing about who *can* attend -- anyone who wants to come can come. But I'm in Berkeley and I want there to be some meetings in Berkeley. That's all.


On 7/29/13 7:29 PM, maiki wrote:
We had a similar discussion back in January:

I hope folks get together and edit lots of pages. For my part, I don't
want to be part of a group or chapter, I would rather just have an easy
way to follow get togethers, and pick which ones I show up at. This is
the only Wikipedia list I will subscribe to, so if folks do end up
making new groups, please include a page of events I can watch somewhere
( or make a calendar available.

Part of accessibility is being flexible and considerate of folks who
work all kinds of hours and also have childcare needs, among others. The
very act of creating a group signals to some that they have to be more
involved than you would propose, so I advocate for an informal group
that uses the existing channels to broadcast their meetings, at least
until they've hit that critical mass that they need to create their own
bureaucracy. ^_^

More pointed, I would be interested in attending and acting as roving
support; I don't have a lot of knowledge about any local areas, but I
geek out on MediaWiki, and have experience as an editor in the sense of
checking others' work. I hope you folks success in getting a space


On 07/29/2013 05:53 PM, Sabahat Ashraf ("iFaqeer") wrote:
I want to chime in and support this proposal. If the group gets too
big and we have a lot of people from Oakland or Fremont (my personal
home), we can "spin out", but for now, please consider this. If not in
the name, at least in terms of how the chapter is defined and

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On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 2:19 PM, Sarah Stierch <> wrote:

Weird request and I understand if it gets shot down for locality:

If a Berkeley meetup group is being formed, think we can create it as an East 
Bay group instead?

I live in Oakland, and I think ideally it would be unifying (since our groups are so 
small) to make it an encompassing group so folks throughout the region feel welcome. But, 
I also understand if folks want to keep it Berkeley-centric for Berkeley locals. (And 
those who feel bold enough to "act" like like one/invade :) )

Thanks for taking the lead on this, it is very appreciated!


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On Jul 28, 2013, at 7:17 AM, Karen Coyle <> wrote:

Hello, all.

I've taken up the organizer role for the Berkeley Wikipedia meet-up group. I'll 
do some figuring out on how to use Meetup. Would the person who volunteered to 
find a space on UC campus please contact me?

I presume that we are aiming at a September first meeting, given how summer 
seems to disrupt schedules.

If we can't find other meet-up places, my home has wifi, various computers and 
screens, networked printing, and a fridge. We can try a meeting here, if it's 
not a large one.

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