I'd suggest starting with the outreach person at Norlin, Deborah Fink 
<deborah.f...@colorado.edu> (are you on this list?) and the folks at Special 
Collections and just say we'd like to know if they'd let us open up the rosetta 
disk for a special event.  I know the person that donated it, and could ask her 
for support if that turns out to be useful.

Neal McBurnett                 http://neal.mcburnett.org/

On Mon, Nov 05, 2012 at 09:10:09AM -0700, Isarra Yos wrote:
> Oh, man, that would be neat. Would you know how to set something for 
> that up, or who would? (Nevermind that we already had a WLL - we can 
> have another! Or something.)
> And yeah, we definitely need to work on organising things better and 
> getting word out ahead of time. For this thing we just had a small group 
> mostly with librarians and folks and discussed sourcey things, which was 
> cool, but by no means the extent of what we might hope for.
> -Kim
> On 04/11/2012 16:15, Neal McBurnett wrote:
> >Wow - thanks for organizing!  How did it go?
> >
> >Unfortunately, I missed this entirely.  I didn't notice the email (I've 
> >now fixed my mail filters, so I'll probably see future posts).
> >
> >Next time, I suggest a bit more notice, coordinating with the library 
> >folks, having something cool, like a special viewing of the Rosetta Disk 
> >at the CU Library Special Collections department, and having them help get 
> >the word out.
> >
> >You can't open the rosetta disk up without special permission, thus the 
> >idea for a special event.  Learn more about it e.g. here:
> >
> >  
> > http://amateurearthling.org/2011/03/04/human-language-in-the-palm-of-my-hand/#more-3011
> >
> >Neal McBurnett                 http://neal.mcburnett.org/
> >
> >On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 11:05:25AM -0400, Gaurav Vaidya wrote:
> >>Heya,
> >>
> >>On 26 October 2012 10:39, Gaurav Vaidya <gau...@ggvaidya.com> wrote:
> >>>Wikipedia Loves Libraries will be at Norlin Library, CU Boulder, this
> >>>Thursday! The focus is going to be mainly on primary resources, but
> >>>come on down to meet with other local Wikipedians! It'll be on
> >>>Thursday, November 1, at 4pm.
> >>>
> >>>I'm going to be doing a presentation on "your first edit" on
> >>>Wikipedia, covering the absolute basics of using the Sandbox, the edit
> >>>page, previewing your changes before committing and taking part in
> >>>conversations on Wikipedia. Lisa suggested that this might be more
> >>>interesting if multiple editors presented this -- giving multiple
> >>>perspectives and giving us a chance to show off our diversity. Any
> >>>volunteers? Let me know!
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