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>I'm aware of quite a few discussions in this area, and believe it's a great
>direction for the chapter to pursue... it's certainly something that I'm up
>for working on as a fun and interesting project.
>I was chatting with Werdna about how technically we might copy articles from
>en into a smaller 'collection for schools'

I have my reservations about the usefulness of this.

Firstly, I believe this sort of thing needs to be a minimal size to
be of any use - and I think that (eg) the first dozen Oz PMs is too
small.  And I'm not sure that WMAU has the resources to identify,
check and copy across enough articles to be worthwhile.

Secondly, if we do create a 'collection for schools', we wind up with
a fork - updates will not automatically transfer across (in either
direction).  Whilst editing articles within a small subset might be
less intimidating than editing articles within 'en', some students
might also feel that they are wasting their time since their efforts
will only have limited distribution.

As for "writing down" to students - even at primary-school, students
are using "standard" encyclopedias - eg "World Book" or "Britannica".
These are equally aimed above a (high) school curriculum.  If there
are articles that are incomprehensible, we should invest our efforts
in improving those articles in-situ, rather than forking articles.

OTOH, I do agree that some areas of Wikipedia are between PG and R
level and accessing them in a classroom setting could cause "issues".
Maybe it's a pity that mediawiki doesn't have provision for creating
closed subsets - where allowed articles were accessible or editable
as normal but other articles were blocked.

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