You kind of get an idea of the complexity that builds up, after the
hoops I jumped through to get the collapsible box template working, so
I definitely think that we should have a very clear goal before
proceeding any further with this.

Frankly I still don't really understand why we need to import
anything, at all. There are other options that don't create problems
like templates, forks or obsolete data.

We could simply have a shortlist of the articles, for example. We
could make a list on our wiki, make some sort of category on
Wikipedia, if that's permissible, or base it on an existing category.
The Flagged Revisions system could be a tremendous help in future. We
should also see how Wikipedia 1.0 is doing, and what their processes
are. We don't really need to start from scratch.

2009/1/23 John Vandenberg <>:
> 2009/1/23 private musings <>:
>> I hope that a small feasibility test might be considered part of the
>> organising of such a project - ...
> Feasibility of what?  To test feasibility, you need a clear idea of
> what is expected or hoped for.
> Importing pages from en.wp is dependency hell.
>  isnt a wiki; it is using software that
> builds the pages from the wikipedia page.  Perhaps we could ask them
> what software they are using...?  Veropedia has also developed similar
> software; we could also ask them for tips, or use their infrastructure
> by pushing pages through their review process and then saving their
> generated HTML.
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