Have you got any official support from the chapter for this bid?  Having
been the bid leader for the last time an Australian city took a tilt at
this, I'd say that it's necessary to have committed support from the chapter
to have any hope at all of success.  I see that supporting the bid is a part
of Liam's election platform, but I really think it's not appropriate to
count on the chapter's enthusiastic support for a Sydney '12 bid without
some sort of chapter-wide discussion on whether that's the best location and
the best time to bid.  I'm not saying that the idea of bidding is without
merit, but I do think that this might not be the best time to proceed.  In
fact, when the chapter membership was polled in March, there seemed to very
little to no support for bidding in 2011
(, and I'm not
sure that opinions on the topic have changed wildly since then.


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I think there's an advantage to putting up a bid page early so the
jury can see that we're organised so I've started

Please add to it, and add your name if you can sign up to volunteer,
either for a particular role or just generally.

For inspiration, previous winning bids can be found here:

2011 bids will be here:


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