On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 07:25:35AM +1000, Craig Franklin wrote:
> Delphine,
> Thanks for the background.  From my understanding, one of the major factors
> that sunk the Brisbane '09 bid was a lack of chapter support.  I don't want
> to sound overly negative, but it would be very disappointing if a lot of
> people went to the effort of putting a bid together only to fail for the
> same reasons that Brisbane failed.

Another reason why Brisbane was not successful could well be the point
that Delphine made in another post, that the city must have an
international airport with flights from everywhere. Getting to Australia
is expensive and to minimise the cost, the only possible cities are, as
delphine says, Sydney or Melbourne.

On the matter of chapter support, I have no doubt that the chapter will
support a bid at some point and I do not think we should go ahead unless
the chapter does support it. That however is for the future. I have some
sympathy for Steve's view that this, 2 days from the AGM, is not the time to
be discussing this. The new committee will have other things on its
plate when it takes over.

Cheers, Brian
> Cheers,
> Craig
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> > Angela,
> >
> > Have you got any official support from the chapter for this bid?  Having
> > been the bid leader for the last time an Australian city took a tilt at
> > this, I'd say that it's necessary to have committed support from the
> chapter
> > to have any hope at all of success.  I see that supporting the bid is a
> part
> > of Liam's election platform, but I really think it's not appropriate to
> > count on the chapter's enthusiastic support for a Sydney '12 bid without
> > some sort of chapter-wide discussion on whether that's the best location
> and
> > the best time to bid.  I'm not saying that the idea of bidding is without
> > merit, but I do think that this might not be the best time to proceed.  In
> > fact, when the chapter membership was polled in March, there seemed to
> very
> > little to no support for bidding in 2011
> > (http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/2009_member_goals_survey), and I'm not
> > sure that opinions on the topic have changed wildly since then.
> For what it's worth, chapter support for other bids (Gdansk, for
> example), were not always acquired from the start. I do not see how
> putting up a bid is in any way presumptuous of having the national
> chapter's support, no more than I believe that chapter support is
> absolutely necessary to lead a bid to success. What makes the success
> of a bid is a dedicated organizing team, who can mobilize the right
> resources (and those might include mobilizing the chapter's resources)
> at the right time.
> Wikimedia Germany never really supported the Frankfurt Wikimania more
> than saying "ah cool", there was no chapter backing Wikimania in
> Cambridge, the chapter was created in Taiwan just for Wikimania and
> did not survive the event, Wikimania in Alexandria was backed up by no
> chapter. Only Wikimania in Buenos Aires and Wikimedia Argentina had
> really strong ties. Wikimedia Polska was one of many supporters of the
> Gdansk bid, but as far as I am aware, not the organisation "carrying"
> the bid to start with.
> Finally, if Wikimania is _ever_ going to get to Australia, I think
> that thinking about it 2 years in advance is the least that should be
> done.
> Cheers,
> Delphine
> (organizer of 3 Wikimanias out of 5).
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