The BES people were actively canvassing us for the possabillity of a bid
from Sydney. Australia will only get one opportunity in the next 5
years(more likely 10) to host a Wikimania we need to maximise the opporunity
for locals to attend . I see nothing wrong with starting a sydney bid page
especially given that there is specific interest from the convention
industry and we are gathering much needed information/experience/knowledge
anyway. One thing that Canberra/GLAM-Wiki did show was that without outside
assistance(AWM, Dictionary of Sydney, WMF) we didnt have the resources to
host a small scale national event. Another experience which the committee
was also able to learn is that the WM-au committee can only do so much but
without a highly dedicated local organiser(or group) the outcome is going to
much different. From what I'm seeing we have Liam, Angela with BES support
working towards Sydney 2011/2012, there is no reason for them to stop
developing a bid from Sydney nor is there any barrier for another location
to also submit a bid. WM-au should be supportive of all bids even if there
is more than one Australian city bidding because which ever is successful
the members are the ones that will benefit, also because WM-au members arent
just from Sydney nor Melbourne but right across the country the committee
should be working to get the best possible outcomes for all members that
outcome is a Wikimania in Australia.

2009/11/26 Stephen Bain <>

> On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 11:45 PM, Andrew <> wrote:
> >
> > I think some discussion would need to be entered as to which city would
> be
> > best. The city with our greatest number of volunteers - and certainly the
> > most accessible city from a national/international point of view - is
> > Melbourne. I don't know what venues are available in that city, though.
> In some preliminary investigations a couple of years ago I checked out
> the University of Melbourne (my university). It has a wide selection
> of lecture theatres etc for hosting the sessions (most being wired for
> audio recording already, and some for video), and between semesters
> rooms in the colleges are available for rent at pretty reasonable
> prices - this would suit a bulk order of accommodation. The campus is
> also close to the city and other accommodation.
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