> Have you got any official support from the chapter for this bid?

As far as I'm aware, the chapter board has not said anything yet. My
hope is that making the first step of putting up a bid page will
generate some discussion amongst both the committee and members of
Wikimedia Australia and of the wider community in order to work out
whether this is the right thing to do and whether 2012 is the right

Hosting Wikimania in Australia been discussed for many years now, and
for me 2012 seems the ideal time for a bid. We've recently had a
successful GLAM-WIKI conference, proving there are enough people here
to make such an event work. It leaves us with all of 2010 and 2011 to
make preparations and to host other smaller events to help build up
the team prior to Wikimania in 2012.

This is just the very first stage, and deliberately started early
(most 2011 bids aren't up yet) in order to allow a lot of discussion
and decision making. There's lots of time before anything needs to be
finalised for the chapter and its members to put forward their views
and to decide whether or not to support this.


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