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> Liam in response to your message below,
> I find myself firmly in agreement with Andrew's caution as to what is said
> that the Chapter supported, particularly given that a new board is about to
> be elected.  I am also concerned by the timing of the release of this
> information so close to that election as it tends to leave an inaccurate
> impression on the new board as to what are its earliest points of agenda.

I'm sorry if I gave any implication that this needs to be an early
agenda point. It doesn't. In fact, the board about to be elected is
not even the one that needs to give their support. By current
schedules, the bid doesn't need to be in until January 2011 - the next
board's terms will have expired by then. There really is a long time
for other bids to be prepared before anyone needs to decide which
one(s) will actually be submitted to the jury, if any.


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