G'day all,

The AGM came and went yesterday in pretty much record time! I must thank
Liam for opening up his place for a very-mini-Sydney meetup, and it was, as
ever, great to hear all the voices from around the country on the conference
call - personally I find that bit quite inspiring, so it's always a bit of a
shame that the actual nuts and bolts business of the AGM is relatively
straightforward - I think we managed to complete business in about quarter
of an hour this year!

Congrat.s are also due to all elected folk (details at
http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Committee ) - and following the business end of
the meeting, in Sydney we discussed things like getting organised for a
'Wikipedia Day' in January (it's the site's 9th birthday you know - heading
rapidly for double figures!), as well as trying to expand membership, and
have regular (monthly?) events / meetups to try and keep membership engaged,
informed, and excited!

I believe the committee are getting organised to meet in person in the new
year, and no doubt we'll hear more good stuff anon... but for now, just a
sincere 'well done' to the folk involved in organising the AGM, and a note
that here in Sydney, we're shooting for one more mini-meetup before
christmas, it would be great to get as many folk along as possible, and on a
related note, I've just created http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Meetups to see
if a centralised meetup area on the 'official' wiki might help - please do
add info. from other states as appropriate :-)


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