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> Just a note re the above:
> > The Chapter committee gave me permission/support to meet with and canvas
> ideas with BES on an in-principle basis.
> > Subsequently to the first meeting, I sought committee approval to bring
> Angela into the discussions too.
> > permission has been sought from the Chapter committee for this early
> discussion.
> I don't mean to be annoying here, but I think we need to be very careful
> about these kinds of statements.
> As an observer member of the committee, I can say with moderate certainty
> that the committee never resolved nor approved anything. There are no
> meeting minutes or resolutions covering it, and looking at the comm list
> emails, I would say a more correct statement was that the committee were
> notified of it, and that the committee did not oppose or object.
> regards
> Andrew

I was not trying to imply that the WM-Au committee formally supports a bid,
but that the committee was kept informed as to what I (and subsequently
Angela and I) were up to and that I asked permission each time. "Notified"
is indeed a good term for it. We never voted on it in meetings because there
was nothing formal to vote on. Rather, it was raised on the mailing list to
make sure that everyone on the committee was informed and to give a chance
for people to raise any concerns or provide advice. Since no one raised any
objections to this course of action you could call this tacit support. It
has always been clear that the Australian Wikimedian community at large
involved (and the committee would debate and vote) when we are at a stage of
actually deciding on a course of action. Until then, it remains a
fact-finding mission.
Does this clarify things?

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