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>Of course, that's difficult in Perth, whose defining characteristic is
>that it's 1500 miles from anywhere - and the "anywhere" in question is
>Adelaide ...

Darwin is in a similar situation if you take 'anywhere' to mean
anywhere in Australia.

>I'm not sure what to suggest. Advertise more widely? Attract the
>general public? (That'd be interesting!)

Depending on what is being planned, attracting the general public
may be useful - you might score a few new editors.

> Do you have a list of
>Perth-resident Wikimedians, to have some idea of the potential if
>everyone showed up?

There are 42 names in Category:Wikipedians_in_Perth.  That won't be an
exhaustive list.

The Sydney page has a section where interested people can ask to be
contacted for future meetups [1] - there are currently 25 names on it,
which is 11% of the people in Category:Wikipedians_in_Sydney.  Something
similar might be useful to gauge interest in Perth.

Looking through attendees at the previous meetups could also be useful


Peter Jeremy

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