2009/12/2 Andrew <orderinchao...@gmail.com>:

> Also, re regular meetups - I had the experience with no less than three
> Perth groups that over time, the meetup becomes unsustainable as the numbers
> dwindle over time, people have lives and so they assume others will make up
> the numbers this time because they had something on, then fall out of the
> habit of going. Also finding a time to have it when everyone can make it is
> also problematic as people have jobs, families and other commitments. It may
> be a phenomenon that's much worse in Perth than elsewhere, but it makes
> sense that it would have at least some universal aspect.

I'm from Perth, so have some idea ;-) In London it helps that (a) it's
a big city (b) it's not difficult to get to from elsewhere in the UK.
Even though most of the WMUK board actually lives outside London!

Of course, that's difficult in Perth, whose defining characteristic is
that it's 1500 miles from anywhere - and the "anywhere" in question is
Adelaide ...

I'm not sure what to suggest. Advertise more widely? Attract the
general public? (That'd be interesting!) Do you have a list of
Perth-resident Wikimedians, to have some idea of the potential if
everyone showed up?

- d.

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