2009/12/1 Andrew Garrett <and...@werdn.us>:

> One thing I like that I've found with the London meet-ups is that they have a 
> set place and time (the second Sunday of each month, in the Penderel's Oak in 
> Holborn). It might be nice to arrange something similar for the larger (or 
> indeed smaller) Australian cities. Of course, attendance at every meet-up is 
> not compulsory, but it makes meet-ups predictable and regular, rather than 
> the "when Privatemusings feels like arranging one" system we have going right 
> now (at least in Sydney).

Those are also organised on en:wp, so it's easy for anyone to add
their name. (Arguably they should be arranged on meta, but that's
where the organising started.)

- d.

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