Getting back to the original topic of this post, is there an "end-date" for
the Ideascale thing?  Don't want to blow my 50 gold stars on early ideas,
only for even better ideas to come up later.


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Hello members and friends,

At the end of January, the committee is having a face to face meeting
in Melbourne to get to know one another, strategise and make plans for

Before that meeting, it will be useful to have some explicit
brainstorming as a way for the committee to collect some idea of what
we collectively consider important, or would like to see.

Last year we did a brief survey, which wasn't a huge success; this
year I would like to try something different. I set up a site for us

This site lets anyone suggest an idea, and others can put a number of
votes to support various ideas. I have it configured so that anyone
who registers with IdeaScale can add a new idea or vote on ideas. With
voting, every user has a fixed number of votes (50 I think), and you
can put multiple votes on an idea if you really like it. If you don't
like an idea, just don't give it any votes. :) You can also of course
add comments, and that is probably the most valuable thing you can do.

I would guess this is most useful for 1) things that take longer than
a week to plan and 2) things that involve or have some impact on the
membership and/or general public. So this will not encompass all of
the committee's responsibilities; some tech and policy and governance
things won't be relevant to mention here.

Secondly for Melburnians, we are planning to arrange a meetup for one
of the meals on the weekend, probably in Richmond or the CBD. The
details will appear soon at .

Please feel free to give your feedback on this list or privately.

WMAU president

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