Plus, the make up of the current committee is very similar to last year's
committee. Brian, Brianna, Liam and myself were on last year's committee and
Andrew was an observer. The only truly new member is Steve. Brian, Brianna
and Liam attended the face to face meetup last year and I attended one day
of it, and all six of us, including Steve, attended Glam; plus various other
meetups and meetings etc that various members of the committee have
attended. So, really the "get to know each other" value I think is
realistically pretty limited and I wouldn't consider it good value for my
time and money. However, I do think it is a very valuable opportunity for
the committee to get together and properly discuss a number of issues that
are difficult to discuss properly in text communication when we're all
scattered around the country.

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 9:38 PM, Sarah Ewart <> wrote:

> Michelle, from my own point of view, I really don't see it as a "get to
> know each other" thing and if that is what I considered the meeting to be, I
> wouldn't bother giving up a whole weekend and traveling to Melbourne, and I
> really doubt I'm the only one who would feel that way. There's a number of
> issues that have come up in recent months that have been difficult to
> resolve via email and IRC meetings and discussions and they really require
> us to sit down and have a really good discussion. Also, I think it's
> important for the committee to get together in person at times and talk
> through different issues we're facing, difficult things we're trying to
> achieve, etc and make sure we're all on the same page. As we all know, text
> based communication can be very difficult and it can be very easy to
> misunderstand each others and issues, too. So that's just my own perspective
> of the face to face meeting.
> There are currently two sets of committee meeting minutes in the process of
> being approved and published and both should be upon the wiki at the end of
> this week and they might help answer your final question. :)
> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 8:10 PM, Michelle Gallaway <>wrote:
>> I don't want to shit on what is otherwise a great idea, but wasn't the AGM
>> in November?  Does it really take two months to "get to know one another"?
>>  What has (or has not) been going on in that time?
>> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 2:34 PM, Brianna Laugher <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hello members and friends,
>>> At the end of January, the committee is having a face to face meeting
>>> in Melbourne to get to know one another, strategise and make plans for
>>> 2010.
>>> Before that meeting, it will be useful to have some explicit
>>> brainstorming as a way for the committee to collect some idea of what
>>> we collectively consider important, or would like to see.
>>> Last year we did a brief survey, which wasn't a huge success; this
>>> year I would like to try something different. I set up a site for us
>>> at
>>> This site lets anyone suggest an idea, and others can put a number of
>>> votes to support various ideas. I have it configured so that anyone
>>> who registers with IdeaScale can add a new idea or vote on ideas. With
>>> voting, every user has a fixed number of votes (50 I think), and you
>>> can put multiple votes on an idea if you really like it. If you don't
>>> like an idea, just don't give it any votes. :) You can also of course
>>> add comments, and that is probably the most valuable thing you can do.
>>> I would guess this is most useful for 1) things that take longer than
>>> a week to plan and 2) things that involve or have some impact on the
>>> membership and/or general public. So this will not encompass all of
>>> the committee's responsibilities; some tech and policy and governance
>>> things won't be relevant to mention here.
>>> Secondly for Melburnians, we are planning to arrange a meetup for one
>>> of the meals on the weekend, probably in Richmond or the CBD. The
>>> details will appear soon at
>>> .
>>> Please feel free to give your feedback on this list or privately.
>>> thanks,
>>> Brianna
>>> WMAU president
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