Thanks for raising some more possibilities Peter.

[[VicForests]] doesn't exist, and is only mentioned four times on
English Wikipedia.  The court case also has enough coverage in RS to
be notable in its own right; it does sound like a landmark decision.

Do we know where the description of the Brown Mountain crayfish is
going to be published?  A google search for that name turns up only
one page: [[User:Pengo/missing]]! ;-)
Can we talk to the discoverer?  It would be lovely if it was published
in a CC journal, like [[w:ZooKeys]], which has a partnership with EOL
and Wikispecies, so the images can be used on Wikipedia immediately.
Otherwise we could ask the discoverer to consider releasing some
images under a CC license.

I'm footloose in Brisbane this week, with two nephews to entertain.
If anyone wants some photos of animals in a zoo somewhere in SE Qld,
let me know and I should be able to grab them and upload them in

btw, we don't have a Wikipedia nav template for Zoos; the closest is
[[List_of_zoos#Australia]].  That is another task for October ;-)

John Vandenberg

On 9/20/10, Peter Halasz <> wrote:
> Hi,
> A recent supreme court case was fought around a number of endangered
> species in Victoria. I don't know how many of them have specimens in
> zoos, but I was hoping to find some time to try to find out and get
> some shots and video. The two main charismatic ones are:
>  - the spot-tailed quoll (aka tiger quoll)
>  - the long-footed potoroo
> Other important species that played roles in the recent court case
> (Environment East Gippsland v VicForests) are: giant burrowing frog,
> large brown tree frog (Litoria littlejohni), Sooty Owl, Powerful Owl,
> Greater Glider, Square-tailed kite, Orbost spiny crayfish, Brown
> Mountain crayfish (newly discovered, and still in the process of being
> described...this last one definitely won't be at zoos),
> Other topics of interest include: hollow bearing trees, as many of our
> endangered species rely on tree hollows either for shelter or for prey
> (or both). I've started [[tree hollow]], but it could use a boost; and
> Australia's logging industry which is both a major threat to
> endangered species and also may play a role in conservation as they
> move to plantation-based production: e.g. the major deal in Tasmania
> happening right now, which may see the end of native forest logging in
> Tasmania (also home to Tiger Quolls), and there's some talk of a
> similar deal in Victoria.
> The tiger quoll in particular could use some new images, and can
> probably be found at zoos? It's mainland Australia's largest carnivore
> marsupial and is the mainland population is particularly endangered.
> Chris Belcher has a good write up about them and their current status here:
> I think we should be capable of taking some points out of the document
> for Wikipedia and getting some new shots of quolls, and improving some
> of the other articles. If anyone wants to organise a trip to any of
> Melbourne's zoos, I'm in.
> Also, despite being the photographer for the Leadbeater's Possum
> single pic on Wikipedia, I'd really love to see it replaced with a
> photo of one which wasn't stuffed. Leadbeater's Possum is Victoria's
> faunal emblem (and is highly endangered).
> Peter Halasz
> User:Pengo
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