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> FWIW, kicking people off the list in such circumstances has generally
> been acceptable on Wikimedia lists, with or without notice. Though
> notice is nice and adds to transparency.

Really?  You guys have banned regular Wikimedia contributions, who are
not banned on any project and have made useful contributions to the
chapter, from the mailing list without notice, and left them on the
ban list for months without telling anyone?  i.e. put their email
address on the mailman 'ban_list'?

I checked this lists ban list, and the other 49 entries are all
addresses who have never, ever, posted to any wikimedia list that I
have seen - i.e. they are spammers and the usual crazy emails, usually
from the King of some recently declared micronation who isnt getting
adequate coverage on Wikipedia.

Did you look at Tony's emails in January?  I have seen similar emails
on the Wikimedia UK list, and the posters haven't been banned.

> For list administration, I note that wikimediauk-l is explicitly a
> list for "Wikimedians in and interested in the UK" and is not
> specifically the chapter's list per se (and this distinction is
> important to some people). So the wikimediauk-l admins are jdforrester
> (WMF staff), dgerard (volunteer), richard.symonds (WMUK staff) and
> thehelpfulonewiki (volunteer). James and I were adminstering it since
> the days of WMUKv1, which we were both on the board of, but we're not
> actually affiliated with the current WMUK.
> So I would suggest for the future (1) when kicking someone, say so and
> why (unless there's a really good reason not to) (2) have a mix of
> list admins.

I agree with your suggestions there.

The Wikimedia Australia list also predates the organisation by a long
time. It has always had the purpose stated to be "Mailing list for
discussing Wikimedia Australia" but has often been a "Wikimedians in
and interested in Australia" list.  Nathan Carter was the only list
admin since the beginning IIRC.  Nathan was instrumental in setting up
the chapter, and was part of the inaugural committee, but that was
only a short period.

John Vandenberg

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