An Option would be to reduce the ordinary fees to 40.-, the double of the 
students fee, which I wouldn't change. In my eyes, the better way to gain more 
members is more publicity. This can be achieved by services for schools, 
organising good new content and get the press to know, occasions for older 
people to learn about the wikipedia, street actions which give things for free 
as the wikipedia is...

Yust my two cents

PS: At the moment, easely accessable information for teachers about Wikipedia 
is missing.

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> Am Montag, 9. Februar 2009 schrieb Ilario Valdelli:
> > Personally I think that 50 CHF is a big effort for students.
> I'd like to mention that there is a reduced fee for students which
> is 
> only 20 CHF.
> But I can follow the arguments of Ruperts saying that we should
> concentrate on 
> getting more members instead of membership fees.
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