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> I agree with the motion of Beda on the membership fees. CHF 50,- upwards can 
> be an open donation spectrum ;-). I also believe that *popularity* is 
> essential (to be clear: Wikipedia is well known already - and a success story 
> of the net age! - but not its Swiss association yet). Organising 
> presentations in schools is great, what about organising a cooperation with 
> the Swiss Seniors Association (Schweizer SeniorInnen Verband) and their 
> web-platform Seniorenweb.ch? Once activities and campaigns like this will 
> happen, the media will be eager to report about it ...
> Best,
> Wolf

Surely Wikipedia is well known, Wikimedia is not. Good idea to
widespread the association in the schools and to collaborate with
them, the same opinion for common activities with Seniorweb (my
personal support).

The problem is to find a group of members who will support and work
for those projects. We have some experience from other Wikimedia
associations and we know that is not a simple project if we don't
assure a continuity.


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