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Beda Gygli wrote Mon, 09 Feb 2009 22:16:
>An Option would be to reduce the ordinary fees to 40.-, the double of the 
>students fee, which I wouldn't >change. In my eyes, the better way to gain 
>more members is more publicity. This can be achieved by services >for schools, 
>organising good new content and get the press to know, occasions for older 
>people to learn >about the wikipedia, street actions which give things for 
>free as the wikipedia is...

I agree with the motion of Beda on the membership fees. CHF 50,- upwards can be 
an open donation spectrum ;-). I also believe that *popularity* is essential 
(to be clear: Wikipedia is well known already - and a success story of the net 
age! - but not its Swiss association yet). Organising presentations in schools 
is great, what about organising a cooperation with the Swiss Seniors 
Association (Schweizer SeniorInnen Verband) and their web-platform 
Seniorenweb.ch? Once activities and campaigns like this will happen, the media 
will be eager to report about it ...


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