Splitting the list would be most idiotic! (In the original meaning of the greek 
word idiotes ...)


Why not follow Swiss standards in the parliament and the administration:


Everybody writes in the language that they are comfortable in. (Including 

Thus at least the original intention is preserved without language confusion.


The German speaking Swiss can normally read French without problems. And vice 

Most native speakers of Rumatsch and Italian can usually also participate in 
these two languages.

And the English speakers on a Swiss list can probably also handle at least one 
of the Swiss languages.


Whenever something is not clear, do not hesitate to ask for clarification in 
another language.




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So, let's split the mailing list, with a french speaking one, a German speaking 
one, etc. That will be easier for all of us, especially to coordinate our 
actions. Or not.


Please understand that I'm not trying to impeach you to write in German, but 
that I kindly asked for a summary in a mutually intelligible language. Which is 
English. Not a whole translation, a summary.


For example, on your first email, you could have wrote something like:

"good news, but the job title seems exagerated to me."


It's enough for anyone to understand your idea. And if anyone wants to dig into 
what you wrote, he can ask for a translation. Which can be provided by anyone 


It's a helluva start, it could be made into in a monster, if we all pull 
together as a team




2013/10/18 Robin Schwab <cont...@robinschwab.ch>

Am 18.10.2013 21:12, schrieb Clément Bucco:


And by two languages you mean schwyzerdütsch, right ?


Nein, und ich kann mich nicht erinnern, dass jemals jemand auf
Schweizerdeutsch hier geschrieben hat.


I know people that speak two national languages. But not German. Am
they not worthy of being Swiss ?


Please do not judge people to quickly, and try to understand that in
 order to work together, everyone must do a little effort.


Genau dieses Sprachniveau kommt heraus, wenn Leute in einer Sprache schreiben, 
die sie nicht wirklich beherrschen. Warum schreibst du nicht einfach auf 
Französisch oder Italienisch? Dein Engagement ist löblich, aber du leistest 
einen Bärendienst, weil wenn es darauf ankommt niemand wirklich weiss, was du 
sagen wolltest.

Liebe Grüsse


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