2006/1/13, Manuel Schneider [Everything Open] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Bern und neutral? Opposition! *g*
> Bern is the capital of Switzerland.

> Of course, but we can just redirect all mail to the post adress of the
> chairperson and if the chairperson changes we just adapt the redirection.
> At least in Germany you can do this every time you want directly online.

Bern ist neutral? Ich denke ja. :D
You know, noone with a bit of brain could complain if you say "we
choose Bern cause it's the capital of Swiss". Oh, maybe "capital" it's
not the right word to call it, but...
It could be the right choose to avoid kanton-nationalism.
Naturellement, the problem is what Michael said: what's with mails and
the other stuff?
If Manuel is right (you can redirect everything to the chairman), then
no problem. But are there maybe other legal stuff to face?
Bern, yes. I hope this will be the choosen one.

Claudio/Gatto Nero

ps: why not Solothurn, then? :p (Ok, ok, just joking...)
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