I don't consider members or membership. I am not devaluing commitment or hardwork. I am thinking about lack of openness. You guys must know (may know well) the level of Indic language involvement in meta. Why didn't this list? besides I've not seen any comment about a Wikimedia Indic Chapter in linked meta-talkpages also.

And that linkedin page made me to believe there is something subterranean

BalaSundaraRaman wrote:
Dear Praveen,

No need to address me, you people are supposed to communicate the community ;)
Since I'm one of the people involved, let me introduce myself:

I'm an editor at English and Tamil Wikipedias for around 6 years, though recently I'm mainly active in Tamil Wikipedia alone. My username on either wikis is 'Sundar'. I am a bureaucrat in Tamil Wiki and an admin in the English Wiki. My edit contributions are at http://toolserver.org/~interiot/cgi-bin/count_edits?user=sundar&dbname=tawiki_p and http://toolserver.org/~interiot/cgi-bin/count_edits?user=sundar&dbname=enwiki_p Besides these, I wrote a bot for exporting over 1 lakh dictionary entries to Tamil Wiktionary and ran it with the help of Ravishankar. I have also participated in several outreach efforts and volunteered with MediaWiki localisation. I presented a paper at Wikimania 2009. ( http://wikimania2009.wikimedia.org/wiki/Proceedings:217 )

As for your other concerns, we'll send out a separate email outlining the process. For now, you can check the post by HPN at http://hpnadig.net/blog/2010/03/08/wikimedia-india/563

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From: Praveen Prakash <me.prav...@gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Wikimedia India Chapter

I am very happy and proud to hear that we got a wikimedia indic chapter.

But I wonder why all these activities taken so hidden? We are a community (or a community of communities), we've an active mailing list, but I didn't hear anything about such an active effort (may be i missed). Is there any separate communication medium? Or is this a special chapter for wikimedia English projects?

I recently learned someone as wikimedia indic chapter director from linkedin (http://in.linkedin.com/in/kiruba). He is also being CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, Director of many other initiatives (Actually I don't have any problem about that).  I am thinking about that election process and members. I am sorry but frankly I don't know any of other guys also. If possible introduce them, and their home wiki. I wish, an informed community about any further steps.

If someone can clarify my thoughts originated from poor knowledge, I'll be more happy.


Hari Prasad Nadig wrote:
Dear all,

As Srikanth has already noticed in an earlier e-mail, the draft
Memoranda of Association for the proposed Wikimedia India Chapter has
been put up on Meta here:

Even as the team working on the current draft has spent the better
part of a year working on it, I am sure that there would be scope for
improvement. Please provide your invaluable comments and suggestions
on the relevant talk page:

However, given the time we have spent on the document, it is important
that we proceed quickly and hence, I suggest that the comments be made
on or before this Saturday, the 13th of March 2010. Let us
the Wiki-etiquette expected out of us during the discussion.

People curious about the earlier and the current efforts at forming
the India chapter may find my blog post on it,
http://hpnadig.net/blog/2010/03/08/wikimedia-india/563 a complimenting
read. More on Wikimedia India chapter can be seen on

Let us look forward to a great response in discussing and debating the
MoA of the proposed Wikimedia India chapter.
Hari Prasad Nadig
http://hpnadig.net | http://twitter.com/hpnadig

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