arjuna rao chavala wrote:

2010/3/11 Praveen Prakash <>
I don't consider members or membership. I am not devaluing commitment or hardwork. I am thinking about lack of openness. You guys must know (may know well) the level of Indic language involvement in meta. Why didn't this list? besides I've not seen any comment about a Wikimedia Indic Chapter in linked meta-talkpages also.

And that linkedin page made me to believe there is something subterranean

I have given linkedin profile, as that is the most comprehensive  page available for me accessible to all. I provided the same in the spirit of  full disclosure. If you have specific questions, I will be happy to respond.
K. Then who is Kiruba Shankar?  What was the election process & criteria? How many people involved in that? Why all these process were hidden? Why even Hindi not informed?


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