That the India chapter is concentrated ONLY on South Indian languages is a
major misconception.
While I agree, the Chapter is headed in Bangalore and the head of the
chapter is an admin of the Telugu Wikipedia, do note that it is a pan India
Hope this clears it up.

On 5 June 2011 22:10, Vibhi Jain <> wrote:

> Well I have placed the chapter request with a lot of discussion with Mayur,
> a member of the Grand Advisory Committee. We have the support of many
> hindi wikipedians including two crats, Mayur and Ashish. And we will soon
> get the support from more 20 wikipedians. Wikimedia India chapter is mainly
> Concentrated toward South Indian Languages, New Chapter in New delhi will
> help make a good community in India. Well Tinu, you are right, you don't
> need more organisations, but we need. Well, 10-20 people interested are
> needed for a chapter, lets see, if we gets them, then only we will proceed.
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