Dear Anirudh & Shiju,

I would strongly dispose this as NOT the official position of the chapter.

I have a different opinion but again I won't attribute to the chapter. What
I say below is my personal opinion.

Just because someone decides to work full time ( and paid too) doesn't mean
it ceases to do anything as a volunteer.

If someone is not able to spend the same extent of time to the movement as
a volunteer, there is their own problem. Nobody is going to ask anyone why
you are not doing your job as a volunteer.  I have a high pressured day job
to keep and family & friends to take care, and I do my volunteer work with
the limited time , it is my choice. If I decide to work as full time as a
paid staff ( for the same movement), I don't need advise from someone else
to tell me what I should be doing as a volunteer and what I should not !

On a very hypothetical case, if you were working on a legal position for
WMF India, would you like someone to define that what your volunteer work
should be ?

As I clearly explained earlier, many a times, due to nature of our
involvement with the movement, it is practically separate whether  we does
something as a volunteer, chapter member or chapter board member or even
foundation staff.

Pranav and Pradeep were working on a Foundation paid Fellowship for an
event like WikiConference that was supported by Community and conducted on
the banner of the Wikimedia India Chapter. Both are chapter members and
leaders ( as well as community members). Where does the work for the
Conference end as a Foundation full time Fellow end and where does it start
as community or chapter member?

Everyone is encouraged to volunteer for the chapter , regardless of what
his or her day job is. There is nothing that prevents even a foundation
staff or contractor even being the board member of the chapter , less alone
any volunteer or member.  There are several Wikimedia chapters in the world
who has paid and full time staff working for them. The Secretary (
volunteer) of the Dutch chapter is also a Foundation Full time Contractor.

Hope that clarifies


On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 2:56 PM, Anirudh Bhati <> wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 2:47 PM, Shiju Alex <>wrote:
>> I am replying to this mail as a *Malayalam wikimedia community member*.
>> Fact:  Subhashish, *former volunteer*, and now paid consultant with
>>> India Programs.
>> What do you mean by this? I Shiju Alex is a Indic language wikipedian now
>> close to 6 years. According to Mr. Anirudh (an EC member of India chapter)
>> I am a former volunteer. is this is the official position of wikimedia
>> India chapter? As a community member I require an explanation for this.
> Shiju, you and Subhashish have been volunteers but now you are paid
> contractors hired by the Foundation.  Any work you do within the purview of
> your contractual relationship with the Foundation will be work as a paid
> contractor and cannot be deemed to be the same as a volunteer. You can
> continue being volunteers once your contractual assignment is complete.  Is
> that so difficult to understand?
> The difference is this: I am an unpaid volunteer who cannot expend the
> same amount of time and energy towards our projects as you are currently
> able to.
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