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> I won't do it actually. As memory serves, WMF has never used Social media,
> or hired one of those "social media experts".

Fair enough. That said, that is no reason not to try it in India or
other specific locales, right? So long as it ties in to specific
outcomes that WMF and WIP have lined up for the larger program - in
this case, visibility for Wikipedia and driving new editors.

> at one point, they just disappear for a few months, re-start and stop. There
> are other vital tasks that need to be performed at this stage by such a
> small team, rather than go into excursions in the wide world of "social
> media".

There always are and sitting on the outside, it's hard for me to
justify one over the other. That said, have the metrics they reported
and based on the numbers Anirudh posted point to an engagement level
that is on par with, better or worse than for the casual drive by
editor? If better, than, IMHO, the question is whether that
acquisition cost and time worth it over the medium term.

Thank you.



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