Any further updates on the activities?

Looks like I am the only person asking questions to WMIN. Somehow, I
am getting more and more inputs and more questions from people from
the community.

Raising one such query that needs some serious answers.

It is understood that during the year, some 4-5 members of the EC went
for foreign tours for some Wikimedia related activities. There was no
consultation whatsoever with the community before going and there was
absolutely no report of any kind after they came back.

What was the purpose of their visits and what they achieved there? Who
funded for their tours?

Community would like to get answers to these questions. I will prefer
that the individual members who went abroad give their individual
briefing on the list publicly.


On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 10:45 PM, Jayanta Nath <jaya...@wikimedia.in> wrote:
> Dear Wikimedia India Chapter members and other interested stakeholders in
> the list,
> Dear members,
> The Executive committee of Wikimedia India has held an emergency
> teleconference on their official DSNL channel on 31 Aug 2014. As salient
> items on the agenda, the following topics were discussed and decided upon:
> 1. Earlier, Radhakrishna Arvapally, a senior chapter member and former Chair
> of Bangalore SIG, was co-opted by an emergency resolution. The resolution
> was passed unanimously. The resolution had also proposed another senior
> member. However, due to heavy personal engagements, the second nominee
> requested the EC to exempt from such considerations.
> Radhakrishna was invited to the telecon and was officially welcomed to be
> part of the EC.
> 2. Jayanta Nath, a senior Wikipedian from Kolkata and EC member, was
> unanimously elected as the new President of the Wikimedia India Chapter.
> Also, Radhakrishna Arvapally and Viswanathan Prabhakaran were elected as the
> new Secretary and Treasurer of the chapter respectively.
> 3. Any decision about hiring is kept on hold for now. The current EC agreed
> together that the opinion of the new EC (emerging through the upcoming
> general elections) should also be taken on-board for a major decision like
> this, since they are the ones to deal with the newly hired candidate(s)for a
> longer term.
> 4. Another extra ordinary EC Telecon was scheduled to be conducted
> tentatively on 02 September 2014, 9.00 PM to take up other urgent matters
> pending for decisions.
> This is for the general information for all chapter members and other
> interested stakeholders.
> Thank You,
> Jayanta Nath
> President
> Wikimedia India Chapter
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