Hi Sudhanwa,

//Looks like I am the only person asking questions to WMIN//

That's not an issue. But, I would request anyone to follow few steps before
escalating issues to India mailing list.

1. Please post your questions in Chapter Wiki's village pump. If there is
no such place, we need to create one. If that doesn't help, post  in
chapter's mailing list. If that doesn't help, write to the Executive
Manager and give him sufficient time. If that doesn't help, please ping
some of the EC members through email.

2. Please escalate issues to the mailing list only if it is of concern for
the larger movement and above steps have failed. The same can be followed
for dealing with isuses in local communities and other agencies like CIS,

The India mailing list should not be serving as the first point of contact.

//Somehow, I am getting more and more inputs and more questions from people
the community.//

Please encourage such members to follow above steps themselves. Speaking
unofficially on behalf of some (there is no way to verify if such people
exist and what they told actually) doesn't go well with the Wiki spirit.

// Community would like to get answers to these questions.//

I am also a member of the community and don't understand who is the
community on whose behalf you speak. If you would like to get an answer as
an individual, please follow the steps mentioned above.

//I will prefer that the individual members who went abroad give their
briefing on the list publicly.//

The chapter is a registered legal entity by itself and it can be asked to
accept responsibility for all activities taken under it's name. So, I don't
think individual members need to submit such reports.

As a community member, I will welcome regular reports from the chapter to
establish better trust with all it's stakeholders. If I have an issue, I
will discuss during their next grant proposal.

The current EC is doing it's best to bring governance changes and
transparency initiatives. When it is fire fighting the best we can is stand
together and give ample time for it to deliver. As a former president of
Wikimedia India, I hope you can understand the limitations under which any
EC will work.

In the context of India Community Consultation happening in October,
discussions like these won't help to show the India community in good


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