Plus that would show some conversancy with the wiki too other than
having it documented. So all the nominees, please post all your short
Bios  our wiki. I am working on the criteria and staff. So anyone
please feel free to chip in and help out. Here is the link :


On 2/2/12, Abbas Mahmood <> wrote:
>> Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 09:22:33 +0300
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>> Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Kenya] Urgent :Chapters Conference
>> Represenative        inBerlin
>> Alex,
>> > I'd suggest we use the metrics we did last time:
>> >    * Number of meetups attended
>> >    * Duration of contribution to wmke
>> > I think I forgot some :)
>>    *A brief explanation of your contribution to WMKE over the past year
> Perhaps the nominees should write up their personal statements on-wiki, in a
> central place?
>> So am creating the final Doodle poll but I would like to point out
>> that NOT all the people who have shown interest meet the above
>> threshold. We had quite a number of physical meetups last year and am
>> sorry to say I did not see some of you guys in ALL if not MOST of
>> them. Since that is part of the Chapters agreed Criteria. I may LOCK
>> out some participants who DO NOT meet the above threshold.
> +1
>> Finally, We had some discussion as to who is eligible to vote too. So
>> NOT everyone subscribed to this mailing list is eligible. Only persons
>> who show commitment through contribution to discussions and attending
>> meetups will be eligible to vote....Same criteria as last year
> Agreed. Once again, maybe we should create a Wiki for these elections. It
> could include all the criteria, eligibility, names of nominees and their
> personal statements all in one page.
> Regards,Abbas.                                        

Limoke Oscar,

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