I'll try and connect with Limoke to meet at the City Council - I hope to
sneak out of the office some time between 10 and 12 later this morning (so
if my supervisor tries to subscribe to this list, don't let her - haha!).

Let's pray that we can get that permission.

Seeya tomorrow @Tom Mboya,

Oliver (aka BT)



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We will meet at the New Tom Mboya Monument along Tom Mboya street adjacent
to Kenya Archives.

A camera is not a must have but if you can manage to bring one the better,
since we will get more pictures.


On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 10:24 PM, Oliver Stegen <i...@oliverstegen.net>

Pity, that won't work then as I have to work all day tomorrow (Friday) too.

Could someone get a tourist permission on my behalf (i.e. in my name) and
bring it on Saturday?

Where and when are we going to meet?

Also, I understand that I don't have to bring a camera as that will be
there. (My own just broke.)

Oliver (aka BT)



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