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> Having just returned from one week without internet access, I’m glad to
> see that things are moving ahead.****
> Just a brief question: When referring to the “wiki” where bios and
> questions are to be posted, do you mean the page at
> http://www.wikimedia.or.ke/Board_Election?****
> It’s the only one I was able to find (even though it was only set up this
> afternoon as opposed to last night). So if there is another page which went
> live yesterday, please post its link on this list. Thanks.****
> (And quite possibly, I’m simply too German when it comes to sticking to
> timetables J)****
> Cheers!****
> Oliver (aka BT)****
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> *From:* Chris Riwa [mailto:chriwaus...@gmail.com]
> *Sent:* 23 March 2012 15:46
> *To:* **The discussion list for the upcoming Wikimedia Kenya chapter.**
> *Subject:* Re: [Wikimedia ****Kenya****] The Elections Programme****
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> Hallo wiki-medians,
> Thank you Steve and Ann for noting the error on the time give. Correction
> has been acknowledged and the requisite changes have been made below.****
>    1. *Declaration of intention.* This serves as an official announcement
>    by a member to contest for the position of board member of WMKE. This can
>    be done on our official mailing list, as most of you have done, and the
>    last date for this activity will be on Wednesday, 21st March 2012 by
>    2359hours. ****
>    2. *Registration of contestants.* This will involve the determination
>    of whether an applicant is eligible to contest for the position of a board
>    member of WMKE as per the Chapter's Constitution or any other rules agreed
>    upon by the members. This is fully the responsibility of the electoral team
>    and the results are to be released on Saturday, 24th March 2012 between
>    noon and 2359hours.****
>    3. *Setup of the contestants bio-page.* A bio page on the wiki will be
>    setup for the purpose of giving all the contestants an opportunity to
>    wikify their plea to the members on why they are best suited for the job.
>    This will be coordinated by the electoral team and the bio-page on the wiki
>    will be setup on Friday, 23rd March 2012 by 2359hours.****
>    4. *Bio posting by the qualified contestants. *All the contestants
>    that qualify to contest will be expected to post their bio's on the
>    developed wiki (Number 3) by Sunday, 25th March 2012 at 2359hours. Note
>    that a qualified contestant has 24 hours to complete this task or be
>    disqualified.****
>    5. *Posting of Questions to the contestants. *In order for us to have
>    a Question and Answers (Q&A) session online, questions will be sent to the
>    to all qualified contestants by e-mail. The electoral team will then
>    receive the various responses from the qualified contestants (PRIVATELY),
>    after which the team will wikify them depending on the contestants turn to
>    respond to the views and opinions of the members. This posting will be done
>    on Sunday, 25th March 2012 by 2359hours.****
>    6. *Response to questions asked by the contestants. *The contestants
>    are expected to respond to the questions asked on Monday, 26th by
>    1800hours. They will send this responses to the electoral team privately
>    and NOT on our usual mailing list. This is aimed at ensuring the Q&A
>    sessions are conducted in an orderly manner and equal time will be availed
>    to all contestants to interact with the members.****
>    7. *Q&A sessions.* This will involve the posting of the responses
>    provided by the contestants on the wiki by the electoral team, and an
>    eventual discussion by the members and contestants. Each member will have
>    specific time to interact with the members through the setup wiki. This
>    will be conducted from Tuesday, 27th March to Thursday 29th March 2012.
>    ****
>    8. *Open Day.* This will be on Friday, 30th and contestants will be
>    allowed to post openly in our mailing list and involve members in
>    discussions. A Skype chat will be chaired by the electoral team later in
>    the day to try and get the contestants to interact with the members.***
>    *
>    9. *Election Day. *This will be on Saturday, 31st March 2012 at a time
>    and venue that will be communicated by the electoral team by Wednesday,
>    28th March 2012 latest 1600hours.****
> Note that the following were agreed upon by the team on Yesterdays meeting
> as well.****
>    - This election will see the selection of five members of WMKE, by
>    secret ballot, to the board of the Kenyan Chapter of Wikimedia by the
>    voting members, and after which the selected five will decide on who will
>    occupy the 5 positions defined by The Constitution.****
>    - The basis of determining those members eligible to contest or vote
>    in this election will be based on the rules determined and agreed upon by
>    the members in the meeting held at The Public Service Club on Saturday,
>    11th February 2012.****
>    - Voting by proxy will be available as per The Constitution. The
>    electoral team will inform all members on how this will be conducted once
>    we finish up on the logistics of its execution.****
>    - The team calls for members to come out and participate in this
>    activity with utmost fairness and integrity.****
>    - Any queries or opinions about the election are greatly encouraged
>    but the electoral team request that such be communicated privately to any/
>    all of the team members privately first. However, you are required to cc
>    Asaf on such communications for the purpose of openness and fairness. We
>    will be glad to try and provide solutions to any questions and challenges
>    as we guide each other on undertaking this activity.****
> I once again appeal to all members to come out and actively participate in
> this elections.****
> On behalf of the electoral team.****
> Regards,
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