I second Branton. Even if its just an informal cup of tea somewhere to  clear 
the air and create channels to work out differences in house, it makes sense 
for the board members to come together and establish commo ground before the 
September 8th meeting. It's really depressing as a new member to get one 
communication saying  lets do a b c from one faction of the board only to see 
it followed up by lots of public communication denouncing the same. Never mind 
the confusing. 
 On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 10:42 AM MSKS Branton Obwari wrote:
 >its in the interest of wmke for the board to bond and work together in
 >harmony, we condemn the name calling bit , For the deputy chair to talk in
 >the manner that he did points out to the frustration and lack of
 >communication @ the board level ,for the audit committee to opt out like it
 >did points out to the same, ,The chair rather that retorting should reach
 >out to his colleagues and set out the communication channels to avert
 >such,Now thats leadership.
 > i am of the opinion that the board meets b4 8th and do the in house
 >agree on issues we raised then collectively respond to chapter members on
 >8th ,thats just but a suggestion ,
 > Guys lets avoid the sideshows coz @ the end the day ,this issues must be
 >addressed .

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