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> Dear all,****
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> I very much hope that this isn’t the last word. I continue to trust in the
> maturity of all elected WMKE leaders, i.e. in your ability to resolve any
> problems with respect and good judgment.****
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> Further, I am deeply saddened by the trend of resigning when the going
> gets tough. That is not what I expect from Wikimedia members who are part
> of a volunteer organisation aiming for the common educational good of all
> humankind. Please return to our responsibility of making our world a better
> place, and stop this disintegration of our chapter. Thanks.****
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> Waswahili wanavyosema: Umoja ni nguvu!

I can only second Oliver's wise words.  By all means, everyone's concerns
must be addressed and resolved, but let's keep our cool until they are,
shall we?

Also, please do not hesitate to let me know, on- or off-list, if there's
anything you think I can do to help.


    Asaf Bartov
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