Hi All!
> several people (see link [2] of Stephen) have indicated they want to help.
> Currently there are still zero uploads from Kenya, because it is not clear
> to people how to upload. Who is in charge for Wiki Loves Monuments Kenya
> (or who wants to take responsibility and get things moving)? How can I help
> you to get the priorities straight and get things done? What is the bottle
> neck?

Well the priority is to get a site with full instructions on how to
enter the competition. Well, I have tried making a page in commons using
the [[Template:tabbar}} approach but seems I am missing out something
and it did not work out. So I am looking forward with some help with
that. I expected the tabs to have the navigation links to: about WLM,
How to participate, Where to find monuments, lists of the monuments etc.

I think the discussion page at [1] is the best to discuss of having the
site up.

I will take charge to get things moving if no one else has taken this up.



> Best,
> Lodewijk
> 2012/9/9 Lodewijk <lodew...@effeietsanders.org>
>> Hi Stephen,
>> the highest priority should have a clear description on the top of that
>> page:
>> 1) how people can participate (how to find the monuments, and how to
>> upload)
>> 2) what they can win (even if that prize is only a virtual one and a
>> nomination for the international finale)
>> 3) who will judge
>> 4) what are the criteria
>> I am surprised that this is still not clearly described on your page - and
>> can now understand better why there are still no uploads for Kenya.
>> Please let me know if we need to help in any way, or need to explain how
>> to do something. However, the work will still lie with you.
>> Best,
>> Lodewijk
>> 2012/9/9 Stephen <wanjaus...@gmail.com>
>>> Hi all!
>>> The plans to participate in the aforementioned subject had already
>>> started with the preparation of a planning page [1]. There have been some
>>> volunteers who have shown interest by signing up as willing to help or
>>> participate in WLM 2012 [2]. I have responded to some private E-mails from
>>> willing participants and I expect the enquiries to increase. I therefore
>>> welcome more Wikimedians to assist me with that by probably adding the
>>> email me in their commons usernames like I have done on mine.
>>> ./Stephen.
>>> 1. http://commons.wikimedia.org/**wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_**
>>> Monuments_2012_in_Kenya<http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2012_in_Kenya>
>>> 2. http://commons.wikimedia.org/**wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_**
>>> Monuments_2012_in_Kenya#Get_**involved.21<http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2012_in_Kenya#Get_involved.21>
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