On 28 Nov 2008, at 12:54, Thomas Dalton wrote:
>> Thanks for every1s time at the moment and things are doing well.  
>> If was
>> simply an idea if we are stuck again for 18months without paying  
>> fees in.
> If that happens (in fact, if it's just 6 months), the board have
> agreed to step down and allow someone else to try - it really
> shouldn't take more than a few weeks, tops, to set up a bank account,
> if it does then something is seriously wrong.

I would be very surprised if we don't have the bank account set up by  
christmas (although it's out of our control how long the co-op takes  
to process the application); as soon as we have the bank account  
we'll start processing the membership applications received so far,  
and any applications received after then should get processed very  
quickly. As Thomas says, if you don't want a cheque hanging around  
until the bank account is open, then the best thing to do is wait for  
the bank account to be opened and then send us your application.

With respect to donations to the WMF counting towards membership: we  
are currently a completely separate company/charity from them, and  
even once we have a signed chapters agreement we'll still fairly  
remain separate. Membership (of any type/kind) of Wiki UK Ltd /  
Wikimedia UK shouldn't depend in any way on donations to the WMF.


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