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> > WMF is completely separate, I don't think accepting donations to them
> > in exchange for membership of the chapter is a good idea.
> Yes, yes, yes. Linking chapter membership to WMF donations is, in my
> opinion, even worse than wholesale redirect of donations. It's maybe
> not illegal (I presume a board is entitled to set its requirements for
> membership and options of payment relatively freely), but it sends
> very dangerous signs about the degree of, well, "connectedness" of the
> two organisations. You want to avoid this, *especially* in the UK with
> its current libel legislation...
> Michael
really not sure of the position of WMFUK2 - memorandum, constitution, not
really sure what banks need at the moment.

As for associate members, they wouldn't have anything to do with either WMF
or WMFUK2, there is no firm link. A constitution could open itself up to
many kinds of people (the reality is that it would not choose to albeit a
donator to foundation which sanctions chapters in its name shouldn't pose
those risks.)

Thanks for every1s time at the moment and things are doing well. If was
simply an idea if we are stuck again for 18months without paying fees in.

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