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> michael west said:
>>> A board seat for a representative of indigenous non English speakers
>>> would Ipresume only represent a member of the Celtic language speakers.
>>> The facts are that non-indigenous people who contribute to the WMF who
>>> speak languagesat home or in prayer outweigh those whose languages are
>>> official languages of the UK. It just seems bizarre.
> The reason why I think Wikimedia UK should focus more on, say, Sottish
> Gaelic with its 50,000 speakers than, say German, with its 500,000 speakers
> in the UK, is that we already have a German chapter which can promote German
> language projects.

Here, here. I'm not saying that you should turn away or 'forward'
German-speaking UK residents, for obviously if I move to the UK (which
is not altogether unlikely and depends on 3*20 minutes in
mid-december), I'd join and participate in the UK chapter as well, it
being not viable to go to Switzerland for many chapter

However, it is unreasonable for the UK chapter to publish, say,
leaflets about Wikipedia in German, there being three chapters who can
and should do this. Same for French, Italian etc.


>We are the only chapter which could ever promote Scottish
> Gaelic, and, as I said before, we may be able to unlock public funds in
> order to do so. I don't remotely agree that this is racist.
> There is clearly a danger that Wikimedia UK will end up just being Wikipedia
> London; recognising the diversity of UK Wikimedians - across projects,
> languages and the constituent countries, would I think be a positive step.
> My suggestion of 2 had in mind a board of around seven. Of course it would
> be fewer if there were fewer board seats.
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> Subject: Re: Election Rules (non-english speakers)
> Q5: Is there any way that you think the election should be run differently
> to the election of the interim Board?
> I wanted to answer one of the questions I put with a suggestion regarding
> minority languages.
> Most of the people active in Wikimedia UK seem to be active in the english
> Wikimedia projects. However, there are some other smaller Wikimedia
> languages where UK editors form a vital part of the editing and readorship
> base. I'm thinking particularly of the native languages of the UK such as
> Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and maybe Irish, Scots/Ullans, Cornish, Manx etc.
> As well as recognised the diversity of the Wikimedia community, there are
> also significant public funds available for promoting these languages which
> could be used by us to support these projects.
> The Board has already reached out to these projects by asking if the
> newsletter could be translated into these languages. My suggestion is we set
> aside two reserved seats on the Board for people who actively contribute to
> at lease one wikimedia project in a minority language of the UK.
> What do you think?

Michael Bimmler

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