2008/11/29 Michael Peel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> What advantage is there to requiring minority languages to be
> represented on the board? I would be very surprised if that were
> required to obtain funds to support minority languages (although
> obviously we would need a way to carry out that support...). As and
> when we have members who speak minority languages, and if they want
> to be on the board, why should they not go through the standard
> process? What would we do if we did have reserved seats but no-one to
> fill them?
> I can understand positive bias to counteract a negative one, but I
> don't agree with it - either way, it's still a bias.
> Also, we are far from being a Wikipedia/Wikimedia London at present,
> and I would be very surprised if we ever turned into that.

I would tend to agree. I think the other options for supporting
minority groups are better. But, by all means, propose a motion for
the AGM and we can vote on it.

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