2008/12/3 Mickey Conn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I've been involved in a company with around 1,000 members and it found
> no particular difficulties with managing them.  None of them were very
> interested in an alternative "friends" affiliation; quite a few took
> no interest in the AGM, but nobody ever suggested that the vanishingly
> small responsibilities of being a guarantor member had put them off
> joining (in part because the meaning of this was clearly explained on
> the membership form, as I believe it is on ours).

Yes, the responsibilities are all explained on the form (which I
haven't filled in and sent of yet... oops!). Incidentally, while the
responsibilities are there, the rights aren't - if and when a new
version is created, it should probably mention that all members are
entitled to attend and vote at AGMs and EGMs.

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