On Dec 3, 2:13 pm, Michael Peel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> I believe most people would want to be a "friend" rather than a
> >> "member",
> > At this point, you're just guessing. The lists of people interested in
> > being guarantor and supporting members were pretty similar in length.
> If this is indeed the case, then once we have a "friend" level of  
> membership (hopefully after the AGM, subject to it being approved),  
> most people will sign up for that, which sorts out your problem.

I very much echo everything that people have said on it and I'm glad
there is such a consensus (even if not yet unanimity!) on this. I
don't think the Board should refuse membership to those that want it
just because the numbers reach a certain level. I hope the Membership
Rules that are finally adopted are drafted to prevent any future Board
unilaterally doing this and I hope the AGM votes to entrench these
rules when we meet early next year.

On the other hand, I could see quite a few people wanting to sign up
as a friend/supporter and not a member. The wikipedia projects allow
people to keep their anonymity, and many might want not to disclose
their name and residential address to the chapter.

I hope we can come up with some kind of accommodation for people like
this - letting them support and get involved in the chapter without
having to become a member.


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