At 13:35 +0000 3/12/08, Thomas Dalton wrote:

>  I don't see how you can disenfranchise 90% of the
>membership just for convenience, it goes completely against the
>democratic ideals of the chapter.
>>  I believe most people would want to be a "friend" rather than a
>>  "member", and I mean "member" in the technical sense of "guarantor
>>  member".
>At this point, you're just guessing. The lists of people interested in
>being guarantor and supporting members were pretty similar in length.

I am sure there is some guesswork here.

And yes, I agree, WMUK must be democratic. I am trying to suggest 
that making every "supporting member" become a guarantor member (or 
become nothing) might not be the best way forward.



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