2008/12/6 Alison Wheeler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> The bigger issue at this exact moment *is* this exact moment. It is late
> on a Saturday night and realistically the next news cycle that we could
> get in to is not until Monday. As such it may be premature to announce
> anything further at this present moment whilst further investigation is
> carried out. eg. why this particular album cover but not Houses of the
> Holy? What other pages are blocked? Indeed, why is not just the image
> blocked but the whole page as it would be as easy to block the image only?
> etc.

Stop thinking you are looking to talk to a bunch of free speech nuts.
You are not. We are considering the UK media. Ideally they won't pick
it up. If they do the story will be "wikipedia hosting child porn".
Trying to tackle that head on is suicidally stupid. Their readers
either won't care or won't understand the case that the images are not
indecent. The same applies to the free speech argument.

I hope you are an Eric Clapton fan because about the only defense line
we have that might just might reduce the damage is comparing the thing
to the  [[Blind Faith (album)]]. Sure we still get hammered but may be
slightly reduced.


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