2008/12/6 Alison Wheeler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> On Sat, December 6, 2008 21:12, joseph seddon wrote:
>> May i point out that atm wiki uk ltd is in no way officially affiliated
>> with WMF atm, it wouldnt be a professional move to
>> make a statement.
> As the current (though not much longer!) holder of the licence to use the
> trademark in the UK, Wiki Educational Resources Ltd could certainly issue
> a press release on the subject (and as a user of Virgin Media at this
> location I find I am blocked even though not set up to use their proxies,
> thus am being misled by that company regarding their behaviour too).

You could, but would it really be appropriate? You have the license to
use the trademark, but not permission to speak on behalf of WMF. Since
it is WMF's page being blocked it should really be WMF making a
statement - there isn't much WMUK can say other than that it appears
to be happening and they don't support it and then go on to spend
twice as much space making it very clear what the relationship is
between WMF and WMUK because you just know it will be being reported
in the tabloids as an official WMF statement within hours.

Incidentally, you say "not much longer", how much longer does WER have
to live? As I understand it, you are currently in the 3 month waiting
period to make sure no-one objects to your being dissolved, but I
can't find any details on when that period started. How much is there
left to run? (It doesn't make a great deal of difference, there is no
real need for WER to cease to exist before Wiki UK can get recognised,
but it would still be good to know.)

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